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Who is Bri Artx Studio?

Welcome to Bri Artx Studio in London, Ontario! We're all about making cool stuff like coloring books and fun activity pages for kids and teens under 19. Our studio is where you can let your imagination run wild with art. Whether you love drawing, coloring, or designing, we've got something for everyone. Join us at Bri Artx Studio and get ready to create awesome things together!

Bri Brissett 

Bri grew up in the East End of London, Ontario, with her parents and two younger sisters. She discovered her love for creativity early on by making YouTube videos with friends. Over time, her fascination with visual storytelling shifted from enjoying graphics in films to actively incorporating creativity into her daily activities, making it a colourful part of her life's adventures. 

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Artie Artx 

Meet Artie, the playful mascot of Bri Artx Studio. Originally from Jamaica, Artie spent his early years with his father before moving back to live with his family in London, Ontario. Known for his boundless imagination, Artie sees every challenge as an opportunity to explore and learn. At Bri Artx Studio, he brings joy and creativity, turning obstacles into his personal playground for growth.

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